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Having been exposed to new places, culture, and language since a young age I have always been intrigued with my surroundings, people, and their behavior and cultural influences. People tell me I’m knowledgeable but I’m just curious and open to radical ideas from diverse opportunities. Our habits and assumptions provide us with a shortcut to our daily mundane tasks but creative problem solving comes from exposure, exploration, discovering key insights and user testing, and in turn better product and service and holistic experience for our users.

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I studied Marketing because I was interested in how goods are marketed and how powerful marketing is to relay product offerings (at the right place and time). Then I was fascinated with branding and how visuals play a powerful role in how people perceive products so I studied Communication Design to get a strong foundation in visual design. As I grew into a seasoned designer in various mediums including print, web, animation and, 3D I was able to get a strong grasp of design.

As I progressed as a designer I wanted design to tie into the business objective and clearly show the impact design can have.  My studies in Interaction Design has helped me understand the importance of human-centered approach and has allowed me to make this connection.

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