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Project duration


iOS Mobile app

iOS Smart watch

User research, Buyer persona canavas, User flow, User testing, Design system, Prototyping, UI design

5 weeks

Figma, Illustrator, Google Meet


iOS Mobile app

iOS Smart watch


User Research, Buyer Persona Canavas, User flow, Protoyping, User testing

Project duration

5 weeks


Figma, Illustrator, Google Meet

Inspired by the community and personalized to my travel plans.

Each person’s travel is a unique personal experience. Their motivation for travel, where they travel, where they eat, length of travel and even who they choose to meet and explore are unique to each trip and personal to the individual.

Travel notebook filled with all the information (including interests and inspiration, useful tips, location details, etc.) in one area turns it into your own personal itinerary. The user can then share their itinerary with their travel partner to share their travel inspirations and plan their adventure together.


The ChallengeResearchOpportunity AreasDesign SystemReflections and Next Step


Lack of authenticity

With an increasing amount of resources available, users struggle to find what is real in hopes to meet their expectations of travel for leisure.

Competitive Analysis


Then what is it that we want to know?

Travel content based on user research and feedback

Content of the main page is based qualitative user research on what the users wanted to know when they were traveling.

What inspires travel?

Exploring what inspires travel and the reasons behinds it. Digging deeper into the motivation behind travel to find that there are a variety of reasons for travelling.

When trying to figure out where to go next, we rely on various online sources to find inspiration.

What about planning for travel?

Quantitative research shows that 62% of users to travel plannning with their travel partner while 26% do the planning alone.

Who do we travel with?


Create an itinerary and share it with your travel partner

Browse through posts and add your favorites to your itinerary (or make a new itinerary). Browse upcoming and past itinerary. Select the trip itinerary to view the trip timeline and add date or time, even make notes to remind yourself to “book the bus to the lake” for the trip. Don’t forget to share the trip with the rest of the travel group!

With an increasing amount of resources available, users struggle to find what is real in hopes to meet their expectations of travel for leisure.

Why should we trust your content?

The content on Locacity is uploaded by a local who lives in that area and wants to share where they live with the community. As an added bonus locals not only post about their favorite local spots but also offer hot spots that only locals know of. Still not sure? Read comments below the post or ask a local a question about the post yourself!

Like a post, save it to your itinerary or share it with someone! View the map and find details about the destination.

Why a community?

A peer-to-peer community is built on trust and quality of information in various forms including image, video, description, Q&A and comments. More and more social media and online communities are used to obtain general information, read reviews, post comments and interact with others, to help decide where to go next and find current trends from product reviews to gaming community. 

Real-time notifications

Get real time notifications through a smart watch while traveling to

Opportunity Areas


  • Find travel inspiration from posts by locals from the area

  • Get travel tips and ask local questions for planning

  • Share planning with travel partner

Smart watch

  • Get real-time notification of local events

  • Notifications based on current event at location

  • Notifications based on user itinerary

Illustrated use cases

Finding the reason behind travel and how we can make it more of an enticing experience.

design system

Building block of a design system

Each traveler’s experience is unique. They have their own interest and motivation and have experiences that are unique to their own. The app is a travel notebook to be filled with user’s own interests, tips and useful information in the form of posts and turning into an itinerary of their own. The user can share their itinerary with their travel partner to plan their trip and share an adventure together.


Where to go from here


I learned that each individual has different motivations for travel. Users look to social media more than destination travel books or sites to find an authentic experience catered to our interest and motive behind travel. Designing an app to accommodate individuals with varying different personalities and tastes yet create a cohesive system without looking too bare or clashing with vibrant photo large amounts of information was a challenge.

Next step

In the future I would develop how the local expert (who provide local travel content) will interact with the app. The local expert will post about activities, inspiration and answer questions from anticipated travelers. Gamification and motivations methods will be used to encourage the user to post about a variety of areas explored in their local area.

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